"Working hard, will help you earn a living,
Being productive, will help you build a fortune."

85 live workshops
 140 virtual workshops
1200 coaching hours

12,500 participants globally

Helping people and businesses to
improve productivity and increase profitability
for past two decades

Rich Minds was established with a vision and purpose of  solving one big problem faced globally by individuals and organizations and that is: -

How to enhance and maximize productivity, to achieve 10X outcome in personal and professional life?

Rich Minds is globally accredited and recognized by :
 American Council of Training and Development (ACTD),
across 80 (+) countries.

In the past decade, we have transformed and positively
influenced more than 15,000 lives,

ACTD is ranked amongst the top accreditation Institutions in the United States of America, operating under a licensed certificate from the -
Secretary of State, New Jersey, USA.

Testimonial from our participants in  
India, United States, United Kingdom, Dubai, Jordan,
Cyprus, Mexico, South Kore and other countries.

Privileged to deliver our Flagship Program


Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice


Senior Diplomats at the American Consulate General,
Mumbai, India.

September 2022.

US Consul General - Mike Hankey 
Ravi Nair - President & CEO, Rich Minds

Gallup's Global Workplace 2022 report states - 
* * * *
Employees who are not engaged or actively disengaged,
costs the world 7.8 Trillion USD, in lost productivity.
Let's try and understand this?
While about 20% of the time is spent on taking breaks,
a good percentage of the balance 80% gets consumed by -
Internal conflicts and politics, negative emotions, self-limiting beliefs and problems which are more internal, than external.

The Rich Minds ideology

How can we help?  
Our 8-Pillar Framework is structured and designed to create a strong foundation, based on which the participant develops, a powerful and unshakeable productivity mindset, which helps them go beyond their self-limiting mindsets and deliver outstanding and unbelievable results.

If you wish to scale up the productivity of your own self or your team by 10X, then do explore our
Productivity Champions Program.

Productivity Champions Program (PCP)

conceived, created and curated at the
Rich Minds Centre of Excellence
accredited by:
American Council of Training and Development, USA.

Excerpts from our live workshops

Productivity Champions Workshop for
Godrej Agrovet Limited,
Number of participants:  120
* * * * * * * * * *

Sales Psychology Mastery Workshop
at The Club, Mumbai.
Number of participants - 50
* * * * * * * * * *

Productivity Champions Workshop for
India's leading retain Giant - Shoppers Stop
Number of Participants - 50
* * * * * * * * * *

Compilation of trainings delivered to various Multi-national companies like Huntsman Corporation, USA, Essar shipping, Bayer India,
* * * * * * * * * *

About the Program

PCP is a scientifically structured 8-step result-oriented program, 
which will help improve your productivity by 10X, in all areas of your life..

Entrepreneurs, HR Leaders, Senior Executives, Professionals and individuals 
who believe they were born to make a difference in this world.

Live online as well as recorded lectures

Live training - 90 minutes once a week + daily activities to improve productivity

Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants after they submit their evaluation 
to American Council of Training and Development, USA.  

Sample Completion Certificate

Assured Program Deliverables

  • Become productive at Sub-Conscious mind programming. 
  • Become an expert at making value based decisions. 
  • How to be productive in building relationships and influencing people
  • How to install empowering belief system and be limitless 
  • How to operate from your capacity (which is infinite), rather than your capability (which is limited)
  • How to create a productive team by helping them achieving freedom from negative emotions.
  • How to engage in productive communication to get breakthrough results. 
  • How to create a wining strategy, be it negotiations or persuasion.
  • How to shift from present state to desired state using a psychological tool
  • How to use productive language to resolve problems. 
  • How to master the art of 'Responding' and abstain from 'Reacting'.
  • How to package our communication in such a way that it becomes irresistible for people to refuse your offer or proposal.
  • How to set yourself free from the EGO Trap.
  • How to be emotionally intelligent and manage emotional turbulence
  • How to eliminate all resistance and blocks from your sub-conscious mind and be a goal getter.
  • How to align your actions to your value system and become a role model
  • How to integrate yourself at mind and body to maximize productivity.
  • Master the art of setting goal in alignment with your sub conscious mind and ensure that it is achieved.

 Hello !!

I am Ravi Nair, the founder of Rich Minds and a senior management professional with over 30 years of experience in the Learning and Development space. These years gave me ample opportunities to interact with people from different origins, cultures, belief systems, traditions and mindset

Empowering people to build, grow and positively transform their lives and business with ease and joy, has been an rewarding experience for me. I translated my learnings over the years in to a book titled 'Weekend Miracle', and the love of audience made it an Amazon Best Seller.  

I look forward to seeing you in the program soon.  Thanks, Ravi Nair.

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