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In this section, you will find a compilation of short motivational and life transforming videos, which will help you understand -

What is Stress?
What is Anxiety?
How to handle failure?

and a lot of other aspects which matter to you.

You will love it more as most of them are under 2 minutes.

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 if you think I touched your lives in any way through these videos.

Ravi Nair.

Because, the journey to excellence need not be boring... 

Power of Gratitude

What is Stress?

Why think Positive?

Power of Contribution

Discussion V/S Argument

Mistakes and Errors

The Negative Word Trap

How to manage thoughts?

How Assumptions Kill

How to handle fear.

What is Karma?

Power of your word

Why God cannot help

Expectation V/S Appreciation

The amazing power of words

Why we hate to fail?